The final country .... ROMANIA ;)

2017. július 27. 18:08 - ladatour

Mua for everybody ;)

The toughest thing is Sumen was actually waking up, because we were sorrounded by such hospitality at every step we took. The thermometers showed numbers starting with 4, so we went to the monument and the museum only in the afternoon. Our first target must be a lovely museum for any Hungarian, since, as we got to know, even that far away from our motherland, there are monuments tributing for Lajos Kossuth, who was a refugee for a while in Sumen after the revolution. Aftet that, Sziszi climbed up to the hill on foot, meanwhile Tomi and I got there by car, where the gigantic stone statues not just resembled huge transformers, but were also amazing to look at and provided enough shadow for a bit of unwinding.


After a long farewell, we headed towards Varna, where we were given the glad hand by Elvira – and it felt like we were in a ”hospitality contest”, because everything just seemed so fine! If we wanted to list all the drinks and different dishes, which had been waiting for us on the tables we sat down to, we would need another blog post – in addition, sometimes the conversation was held on 4 languages. In Varna we ended up having a naked swim in the sea, and the next day – that time already wearing swimming trunks – we ”fought” with the waves for about 2 hours. Being true to ourselves, regardless how much we got used to the warm water, we did not spend there a night more either – in the late afternoon we could already admire the sea in Chernomorec. As an evening program, we tasted some sea food in Sozopol – which is kinda complusory when being next to the sea. The next day we had a very irregular programme - we went to a local, naturist beach, which seemed to be a good way of passing time after overcoming the first shock, till the young showed up wearing swimming suits ”from head-to-toe”. We quickly grabbed some mussels for the lunch, then we left for Romania.


After a quick 250 km – which turned out to be considerably boring and uneventful-, we crossed the border, and arrived to Varna Veche, where we immediately headed towards the sandy beaches. We looked for a place to sleep both for us and for the car, and however in the last 3 weeks we had some upscale places to sleep, that night was truly breath-taking. Before laying down on the sunbeds, placed only a few meters away from the water, we walked along the long shore, where we did not really get involved in the ruling hippe-feeling and partying-till-the-early-hours. Instead, we focused on the stars, which we could have a wonderful view at, like we had been laying on the top of an astronomical observatory. The moon just showed up on the horizone, and even the morning was full of surprises for us.


The next day at around 5 am we were all awake – me - because of the sun rise, the guys - because of the couple having some fun next to us, but the buzz was hard to be described anyway. Despite a lot of clouds were flocking together over the horizone, that sunrise was one of the most beautiful, which we had seen during our trip. Out of a flush, i even took a swim among the morning waves, and after getting dry, we packed our stuff, and left for Bucharest. It started similarly to Bulgaria, but getting a flat tire at 90km/h quickly put us off from the pleasent trip. On the highway – after more, than 3 weeks – it turned out that we had had a lifter, so after a quick wheel changing, we rolled to the next gas station, where we got our ducks in a row.

The first thing, which caught our eyes in Bucharest was definitely the traffic. After red, there is no amber, green comes instantly, you always need to be careful, when you are at the beiginning of a line. It is not that rare either, that double four-lane roads end up in a roundabout – which is partially closed due to road works… But at least ”giving way” seems to be just some sort of legend. However the best one was that, when we finally managed to adjust to all these things – as in we immediatelly go, when it is green -, and then 3 lanes of cars started flashing, sounding the horns and showing the middle finger, however we were at the right place. In the evening it started raining a bit again, but fortunately ”Yuppi Camp” had interceded for us, and we were let to stay in the Balassi Institute. The next day we charted the city – mostly on foot, and before we left for Brasov, we went to the Parliament and to the Triumphal Arch by car.



Star Wars rebel pilot


Out of 4 tires, we already had 2 of them, so mathematically speaking, our chances decreased to have another forced stop in the next few days. After arriving to Brasov, it was obvious, that all of us were very tired, so instead of the planned sightseeing, we ended up having some beers. We spent the night in a friend’s friend’s garden, where we had a few square metres for us, and Biceps was safe as well.





Our next day way virtually the last one from the first part of our trip – it was very unusual for us to spend such little time in the car, but we stopped at many interesting places. We got to Prazsmar in the morning, where we visited a rightly famous fortress-church, and also, Tomi appeared to be our guide a bit as well. After that, we spent a few hours at Segesvar too, where we really enjoyed the shadow in/of the castle, that we heard more and more Hungarian words and we were getting closer to Szekelyudvarhely. We rolled through the familiar gate in the early afternoon, and the joy of our arrival gave us enough energy to unpack everything and clean the car thoroughly. We also took a shower, and ate as much as we could from Tomi’s mom’s rightly famous dishes, since we were leaving the next day to Tusnadfurdo. It was the 28th ”Free University and Youth camp of Balvanyos”, where we met our friends from uni. We will let You know in the upcoming post what happened to us over there!


If we seem like nice guys, please support ”Yuppi tábor”, because they are cool indeed! ☺

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